Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wacky Wednesday- Triathlete's Xmas Cards

I am a lazy, lazy man. For one, I refuse to spell out the word Christmas preferring to use the ubiquitous Xmas abbreviation. I'm not even sure why the 24th letter of the alphabet is an acceptable replacement for Christ. It just seems easier to write. Thank X for that.

For 2, I haven't sent out a single Xmas card in years. I did buy an entire box, count 20, a few years back and made a concerted effort to send them out to all of my friends. I still have 17 left in the box. It wasn't my most intelligent purchase.

If I ever did change my humbug ways, or went out and got some friends, I might be inclined to purchase some of these. 

These and many fine other triathlon related paper products can be found here. A very Merry Xmas, or whatever you happen to celebrate, to you.

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