Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wacky Wednesday- Ironman Vids

I was recently at a professional development seminar hosted by none other than Pondering herself. She's rather smart, intuitive, and full of good ideas. In contrast, I'm old, crusty and have very little going for me. So when Pondering talks, I listen.

One of her topics was to introduce new and fresh ideas to get kids using technology in fun and motivating ways. She gave is lists chalked full of web-based possibilities. It was right around here that I stopped paying attention and started playing. We had a seminar which encouraged playing on the internet and I was hooked.

One of the sites she recommended was where anyone can make a movie. While browsing this site, I had immediate flashbacks to something the BIL sent me a while ago. Basically, he said to me in an email, "Ironman is a cult". Then he followed it up with this video.

To be honest, I had not seen this one before. I had seen it's cousin, appropriately titled, "Ironman." It is the reason that, in certain cults circles, the words, "But I will be an Ironman" cause fits of laughter.

The sad thing is that my students don't believe me that I go to bed before 9:30 so that I can get up around 5:15 and train. At least I'm not as bad as this guy and yes, I will be an Ironman.

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