Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Experiencing Technological Difficulties

I have a confession to make- I am not a real human I don't actually own a computer. I'm one of the lucky ones whose job provides him with a nice Macbook, free of charge, simply by being awesome. Included with this computer is free maintenance, updates, virus protection, and high speed internet. That's right, I'm one of the lucky ones.

However, since I don't own the computer, I have no say as to when I get to keep it or as to when they get to take it away. If you haven't guessed, they took away my connection to the world. I sat around daily like Paul Simon wanting to keep his camera. (Didn't work out that well for him either, given the state of Kodak.) My 3-year lease on life had to be sent back and I had to hold my breath until my replacement machine became available. Luckily, I'm a former swimmer who had a coach that believed in hypoxicity. The lung capacity was ready for such a long haul.

The problem was that I wasn't keep up with my blogging duties. I tried really hard to find an existing replacement technology in my home that could keep up with the demands of the internet. I tried to log-on to blogger and use my phone. It was incredibly painful, with thumb typing (I currently use the 3-fingered hunt and peck version). But, I have an iPhone. This is what the king of phones is supposed to be used for, right. When it wasn't working the way I expected, I took it in to the Apple Store. The guys at the Genius Bar asked to see my phone.

At least I could still hear my music. We do have an old iPad (yup, we're an iHouse). For some reason, it wouldn't connect to the internet.

Turns out that it was just duct tape with an Apple logo taped to the front. (Please ignore the keyboard in the picture. That's to my still functioning Commodore 128 with the option to change to C-64 that I use for playing Pit Fall and Donkey Kong, original versions.)

When I went to graduate school, they gave us a 'free' (with paid tuition) Windows machine. Since the Wife refuses to allow such crappy machines into the house, I had to develop a disguise.

She wasn't fooled. Anyway, after all this time, I finally got my shiny, new portable computing device, complete with high speed wi-fi, and I'm ready to join the world again.

There's a lot of triathlon that's happened in between the last time I posted and now. I'll do my best to catch you up in a way that's appropriate and interesting (I struggle on both accounts).

Until then, here's a good video to keep you entertained that's been floating around the internet. It shows you the importance of not buying in to the hype being spewed by the shoe companies and their "pronation controlling technologies". The barefoot running/ natural running craze is here and it looks like it has staying power. These guys show you why.

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