Tuesday, December 10, 2013

On Karma

The Background
I'm sure you're familiar with the concept. Karma.

  • Your current actions determine consequences to be bestowed upon you later
  • What comes around goes around
  • Be good and good things will happen to you. Be bad and bad things will happen to you
  • My Name Is Earl

Over the past year, I've been, among other things, working, training, racing, and flying by missing the ground. On my list of other things, I've been working on the Pain Cave. Here's my last post on the topic, just in case you wanted to catch up.

This work includes sanctioning off a sizable section of the garage. Constructing a new wall. Adding electricity. Moving all of my junk to the other side of the room. Installing heat. I'll post some specifics about the Pain Cave 2.0 in a little while because this specific post is about Karma.

The Set-Up
Take a look at this text message conversation between the BIL and me from a short period ago.

Upon inspection, you should notice a few obvious details.
  1. I figured out how to take a screen shot of my phone without actually borrowing the Wife's phone and taking a picture of my phone.
  2. My contact name for the BIL is actually "The BIL"
  3. He is giving me crap about insulating and heating my workout room
  4. He failed at knowing my location. I'm in upstate NY, not NYC (a common mistake).
  5. He, likely, nailed my sexuality
If you are a faithful Bantee, you'd know that I have the utmost admiration of the Banter-In-Law. He's one of the few people that I can talk to about sport in the family who actually gets it. Yet, he is a trained meteorologist who doesn't seem to understand the weather.

It's no secret that I am no big fan of the cold. I live in the dredges of upstate NY via my obligation to the Wife. She's a rare specimen of many virtues (who seems content to put up with my crap) and I'll do anything to please her (okay, I try with varying levels of success). If one of her desires is to live in the land of no future, so be it. Being north of the center of the temperate zone, we are no stranger to the seasons. Currently, and for a vast majority of the year, it is the cold season.

The BIL, in a former life, lived here as well (which makes it even weirder that he thought I was in NYC). He was smart enough to escape to a dryer, flatter, windier place. Which is rumored to be warmer. 'Rumored' is the key word in this sentence.

The Delivery
Here's a nice map of our recent weather. And by 'our', I mean the entire country from a day or two ago (I'm a slow writer).

I live around here.

The BIL lives near here. (Please don't drive to his house and give him crap.) (To be clear, you can give him crap. Just don't drive to his house.)

As you can see, most of the country has been plunged into frigidly cold temperatures. All except much of the east coast. Our weather is exactly what we'd expect for this time of year..

If anyone out there is not enjoying the cold, you can blame the BIL. He brought this scourge upon himself and the lot of you. It's Karma baby.

Now if you'll excuse me, my toasty, insulated workout room is calling.

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