Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Last Chance-Bad Movie Contest

If you have followed the Banter, you would know that winter begets indoor biking which begets movie watching on the trainer. Last week, I started a Bad Movie Contest.  The response to said contest has been completely underwhelming, which is to say exceeding expectations. Imagine the high levels of motivation to enter a contest which offers exactly 1 non-monetary prize: Eternal Glory in the Tri-Banter Bad Movie Hall of Fame. You will be immortally enshrined as the awesomeness that is you, simply for nominating a bad movie for me to watch.

Does this sound appealing? I sure hope so. Get your submission(s) ready as you are behind. There are already a few propositions on the board...

  • "Nice Girls Don't Explode" as submitted by Kenestral.
  • "Thankskilling" as unofficially submitted by Alanna
  • "Waterworld" as requested by Austin (which violates rule number 4 and, by default, is withdrawn from the contest)

For a deeper understanding of how to recognize a Bad Movie, click here.

For Movie Contest Rules, click here. (Be sure to read the sample review. Contest rules at the bottom.)

Here is your chance to be Royalty. As a prize, I offer up my free will to your submission. Add a comment to this post and you are in the running to control my life and force me to watch a horrifically bad film. Your suggestion will go to the Tri-Banter Bad Movie Committee (very small committee, mind you), which will look at the description and movie title and make a selection as to which choice will offer the most pain. You wouldn't want to miss out on this opportunity.

Did I mention that entering the contest is absolutely FREE? That's right, there is no risk and all reward. The deadline to submit a bad movie is Wednesday. Don't miss out. Act fast as time is ticking.

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