Sunday, March 13, 2011

Random Happenings of the Week

Today, I feel like one of those throwback episodes on TV. You know where the writers can't really think of anything original, so they decide just to show you snippets of stuff that had happened in prior episodes. Except in this case, you haven't had a chance to watch this episode of Banter. You may have to go back and read some of my old posts to fully understand. In this episode, there's broken things, nudity, Lent, and contest entry. Here's the highlights of my week...

The YMCA Revisited
  • I'm pretty sure that the seal on the 2011 swim season has indeed been broken. I swam a couple of times this week. My stroke has gone from 1-winged Canadian goose trying to go aflight to 2-winged Canadian goose actually taking aflight. Not pretty, but getting better.
  • The Blind Role Model was not in the pool, much to my chagrin. I was hoping to impress her with my improved technique.
  • The deck clock is broken. I have taken very few of my former swimmer habits with me to the swimming grave known as triathlon, but my uber-dependence on the deck clock has not faded. I will never start any set until the hand is on the top (that's when the little hand touches the 60 in swimmer speak). The deck clock is stuck on the 27. I waited for 2 minutes before realizing it wasn't moving. I must know how fast that 100 yards went, even if it was horrible. I was absolutely lost in the water without it. I may have to buy the Y a new one if I plan on returning to the pool.
  • While drying off post-shower, a woman on her cell phone walked into the men's locker room and saw me. I was, um, well you know, err, not wearing much. And by not much, I mean nothing. The audacity of that woman. Doesn't she know that cell phones are not legal in locker rooms in the state of NY.
40 Days of Working Out
  • I have more than achieved my daily workout quota as a Lenter. My lightest day was been 60 minutes of the required 30. Not bad.
  • Recovery day tomorrow is gonna be tough. I would normally take a full day off after a long weekend (over 6 hours of training in the past 2 days). No plan as how to handle the big desire to do nothing and not disappoint myself in the 40 DOWO.
  • I started a 40 DOWO challenge on As it turns out,  I'm not the only nutbag out there. There's at least 9 others (all guys). At first glance, I might actually be the weakest nutbag in the group. The male-ego gene does not like that.
  • I believe that the 40 DOWO has helped me lose some of the Oklahoma weight (finally).
  • I biked 6 days this week, more than normal. But, since triathlon favors the bike, I can't complain.
  • Given this heavy bike week, I'm not looking forward to next week's heavy run week.
  • I entered a writing contest on another guy's blog. I hope I win. Even if I don't, I probably post my entry anyway. There's more than one way to beat the competition.
  • I've Tweeted more than 20 times.
  • Now that I'm a Twit, there's so many things on Twitter I don't understand. How can people sift through the thousands of chatter by the people that there are following? (If this applies to you, who are also a Twit: 1. please start following me at @TriBanter (one more can't hurt, right?), 2. maybe you can give me a tutorial). What are 'lists'? What's a 'retweet'? How can an 8-year old get this while I can't?
  • Since I live in a split level house, I have 5 stairs leading from my bedroom to my kitchen. This is unacceptable. I decide when I do strength work, not my house. Therefore, I want a new house. Single floor living. If you know of any decent ones in my area, please let me know.

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