Saturday, August 6, 2011

2011 Short Season

If you read the literature, 'they' say that you need to take a few weeks off after your A-race to recover and re-charge the battery. 'They' also say that you don't want to start training too soon for your next big race, in fear that you will peak too early. By all calculations, I will start training for Ironman Lake Placid, 2012 edition in mid October. This seems like a good time to get started in base training. Fall coaching season will have concluded. October should have a few good days left for biking. The temperatures aren't so cold, nor are they warm. This makes for good running. Also, and I'm pretty sure it's not too early to make this prediction, but the Cubs probably won't be playing any baseball.

As I near the end of my recovery (more on this topic soon), I have to figure out what to do with myself between now and October. Contrary to what the rest of the country thinks, not exercising isn't all that much fun. It's still quite warm outside and there are several local races to be had.

Getting Back to My Roots
Way back in the day, I got started in triathlon via the Sprint tri. Even though I have picked up the Ironman disease, I actually prefer the short distances. In long course, the routine is all about pace. In short distance, the routine is all about speed. The IM is not a swim race, bike race, run race. A Sprint Tri is just that. There is very little reason to hold out, especially when your base is significantly deeper than the Sprint distance. Plus, I like the satisfaction of being done Lens Crafters style (in about an hour).

The major issue I have with the short stuff is that I'm pretty sure I have forgotten how to go fast. I haven't trained for speed in any of this disciplines. That is going to have to change. Workouts from now through October will be laden with speed (assuming that the knee can hold out) with the occasional long day tossed in to keep me honest.

Off to the Races
Summer Sizzler- August 13th. This extra short Sprint is on the edge of my recovery plan. I probably shouldn't race, but the Wife will be doing this as her first triathlon in many years. Plus, I like racing. Like I said, the race is shorter than normal, making this the ideal come-back race. At 400 yard swim, 17 k bike (~10.5 miles) and 3k run (~1.9 miles), the Wife and I can be done relatively quickly. The have a 'Formula 1" race option, which means that you would do everything twice without stopping. Not this year.

Rochester Triathlon *- August 27. This is the first year of this event hosted by the RATS (Rochester Area Triathletes) and I am curious. They are holding the race in a location that is screaming triathlon but has yet to be tapped. Sadly, the race organizers have not really posted much information on this race. If you go to their website (link provided) the course details are meager. And, if you read my blurb on race distances, you'd know that Sprint distances are open to interpretation. After a bit of digging, I found the following distances; .75k swim, 20k bike, 5k run (0.5, 12.4, 3.1 miles)

Fingerlakes Triathlon- September 11. This race has long been on my triathlon schedule and it tends to mark the last horrah for triathlon in the area. There are others later in the year but I may have to break my 2 hour traveling rule. That might happen. But, since school will have started back up, I proceed with caution. In the FLT, I will be doing the Sprint Distance race at Swim .45 mi, Bike 13 mi, Run 3.1 mi. I am making this my A race for the short season, so hopefully the pump will be primed for speed. FYI, this is the race in the Rochester area that I encourage any triathlon newbie or swimmer-nervous athlete. The water is shallow enough that you could virtually walk the entire swim.

Autumn Classic Duathlon*- October 2. Sigh. The triathlon season is officially over here. It's back to non-swimming events. I did this race a year ago, encouraged by the Wife who wanted to do a trail run. When given the option of just running, or biking and running, I picked the latter. While the Wife was out prancing through the trees, I was doing my (at the time) first ever Formula 1 duathlon. We ran 2 miles, biked 10, ran 2, biked 10, and again ran 2. That's RBRBR. It was kind a fun so I plan on doing it again.

*Denotes that I have not yet registered for this event as of this post.

Since fall is the season of the runner, I am sure there may be a 5k or 10k that may pop up on a whim. And, the whim generally means that a woman in my life has encouraged it (beit the Wife or one of the ladies I help train). Those are also fun to do as well.

If anyone knows of a good race (hopefully triathlon but will consider others) in late September or early October, please send it along. I do like racing. Racing keeps me motivated. Racing keeps me moving.

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