Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Foreshadowing the Future

The Blog Plan
It's been a busy couple of weeks in Camp Banter. Having just returned from a successful weekend of training in Lake Placid, I have found myself stuck in the rut of state testing. This includes the rigors of helping kids cram, re-teaching the stuff they have forgotten, proctoring and grading such tests. All the while, I cannot neglect my classes that need to learn new stuff while secretly longing to be outside playing (or, in real life, inside playing video games). This hasn't left much time for me to write or train. This should change in the near future.

Honestly, most things about this career choice suck. As a teacher, there are very few real benefits to my job. For example, I've got the overwhelming satisfaction that I've made a difference in young people's lives. Who wants that? I know, I've also the opportunity to surround myself with nice, like-minded people. Your point? Yes, I have the weekends off. Oh, and most major holidays. Also, no work for a week or two for the big holiday seasons. But is it really worth it? Uh huh, I get to coach. Big deal. It's not like they give me any extra money for that. Ok, they do give extra money, but it's not that much. My job also gives me a free laptop, which is school supported and constantly updated. Come on, why do I have to give it back? Mongrels. Why won't they let me keep it? Correct, I have a kick-ass retirement plan, if they'll ever let me retire. Being required to work 6.5 hours a day isn't that great. They are slave drivers in this business. At least I've got my super-low salary for my education requirements.

The only real benefit is that I don't have to work during the summer. That is, of course, unless I apply for summer school, which is as appealing as a teacher as it was when I was a student. Starting next week, I get 10 weeks of none of that crap I listed in the above paragraph. So long, suckers. What is a guy to do? It seems lately that I have 3 major time commitments in my life: Teaching, training, and blogging. In as little as 3 days, one of those commitments magically disappears, leaving more time for the other 2. I'm looking forward to both. If time permits, I may actually do some chores around the house.

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  1. Have you ever considered running a Triathalon 101 course for adults in the summer? Maybe, help 4-5 rookies looking to do the "impossible" under your guidance. If so, let me know where I can apply.