Sunday, June 5, 2011

Race Review- River Ramble

This weekend featured a modified double event. It was modified in a couple of different ways: First, the races were organized by different groups with different causes (as opposed to the last time I doubled, which were the same people and cause). Second, the Saturday's race wasn't really a race for me. Do not let that statement detract from the amount of my enjoyment.

The River Ramble
If you were to envision a good day for running, it might go like this: Not too cold, not to hot. Maybe have the temperature linger near 60ยบ. Take the sun and drop it behind the clouds. Allow a breeze, but make it a gentle one. Also, the breeze should be in your face on the downhill and at your back going up. Next, don't hold the race first thing in the morning. Put it off until most of America is readily awake, say 9:00 am. Then, set-up a race course that crosses zero streets. There's no need to control traffic. Last, hold the event so that after you cross the finish line, there are ample games, food, and even live music. Put all of that together and you got the River Ramble held on Saturday, June 4th.

The Good
I opted to run with the Wife, side-by-side, step-for-step. One of my students asked me if I was "racing" or "hanging out". I just pointed at the Wife. He understood. Still, he's aching to run against me head-to-head. Based on his finish time and my recent running abilities, I would have beat him. There's no glory in that reality for me. I was happy right where I was. Here's some quotes heard on the course:
  • "Hey (Banter), get up there as show those kids how to run." (Which I replied, 'I'd rather stay here and show those kids how to hang out with a hot chick.')
  • "The couple that races together, stays together."
  • "I'm cold, give me your sweatshirt." (I do like it when she wears my clothes.)
The Wife held a blistering pace of 8:35 per mile (unofficial) and finished a step ahead of me (official). I got chicked by my own wife. Proud moment indeed.

The Bad
My only improvement idea for this race would stem from parking. The RSD Campus had several parking lots closed and they (cheaply) rented parking space from a nearby manufacturing complex. Still, none of this was adequate and several people (myself included) parked illegally. If you're going to host an event on campus, use your campus and resources.

The Ugly
I noticed a reoccurring pain in my right knee. Not good. I am very concerned especially since I am out of time. The big races of my season are quickly approaching and I want to hit them hard.

Coming soon to a blog-post near you, my experiences at the Keuka Lake Triathlon. I'm waiting for the results to be posted before I dive into that post.

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