Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wacky Wednesday- Helmets and Mountain Bikes

Reasons to wear your helmet and NOT mountain bike.

I remember back in the good old days when laws were less stringent. I rode my bike everywhere, through all kinds of weather, on all kinds of terrain. Often, I would do bike hands free. They hadn't invented cell phones yet, but I am clairvoyant. I knew a day would come when I could talk, play a video game, and search the web while working out (and this was before Al Gore invented the Internet). However, helmets were not required nor recommended for riders of any age. This was a good thing because I had kick-ass 80's hair and would not dream of messing it up. Mousse and hairspray did their magic to keep any stray strands in place. Plus, my do was rock solid making a helmet redundant. See photo on the right (not pictured- me).

Only after I became an adult (?) did they pass laws requiring youth helmets. Glad I dodged that bullet. Then I found this stupid sport where they forced you to wear a helmet. I have no idea why. I rode to the moon and back as a kid and didn't need one. Safety reasons? Ha. What's next, they'll tell me that I should wear a seat belt in a car and not smoke?

As a consequence of triathlon, I have grown rather found biking on the road. I appreciate the speed and the feel of the wind flowing through my hair (which is now covered by a helmet consisting of many air vents). If you ignore the motorists, the road is rather predictable. Plus, if you avoid the city, you can find spectacular rides with incredibly nice views.

There is a small branch of cyclists that pay road taxes yet still elect not to use the roads for anything but their cars. I don't get it. I paid all of those taxes and I am going to use the road as often as I can. These idiots feel the need to spend even more money on bikes with suspension, disk brakes, and fat tires. Their shoes have clips and tread. For crying out loud, they don't even wear spandex. They opt to bike on dirt paths in the heinousness of nature. They do not get annoyed if there are sticks or rocks in the way. Would they ever stop and move them out off to the side for the next guy? Nope, they just bike right over the obstacles.

Well, to each their own. Another reason I enjoy the road is the relative safety. Again, if you ignore the motorists, the chances of a tree falling on you or you falling off the side of a cliff are drastically reduced. The roads are a much safer place. This guy would agree. My guess is that he will be trading in his mountain bike for the open roads very soon. He would also agree that wearing a helmet is a good thing.

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