Saturday, October 29, 2011

Circadean Clockwork

With my new and improved workout schedule, the first order of business is to develop a routine. I am not a morning exerciser. I actually enjoy the mornings and am quite the morning person. My morning bliss centers around not moving, enjoying the peace of the earth, listening to the Wife snore birds sing, and sipping a nice warm beverage while reading something interesting (obviously not this blog).

I have decided to get a jump start on my 2012 season. Technically, I don't need to start until next week but I am an idiot can't really wait that long. I get antsy without goals. Training goals give me something to shoot for and provide me with the guidance I need to keep me motivated.

Circadian Cycles have long since been known. Named after the annoying fact that your dog won't let you sleep in on the weekend, incessantly stomping his feet, barking at you, begging that you let him out and then provide breakfast, only to repeat this process at dinner time. Circadian rhythms are blamed for numerous annoyances; including feeding the Wife babies, getting sleepy during important work-based meetings, and the fact that my bladder will always wake me up at 2:00 am +/- 30 minutes.

For about the past 3 weeks, I have been getting up around 5:30. That's ante meridian in case you were wondering. The alarm goes off, I sludge out of bed, make said morning beverage, and sit for a while. Somewhere between 6:05 and 6:20, nature me calls to empty the system of an impeding solid wastes. This Circadian Rhythm jump starts the need to put on running shoes and head out the door.

In the first couple of days, the body rebelled against wee-hour running. It exclaimed, "I will not give you a good workout." Fine by me. Remember, my current goal is just to develop a routine. Even if the legs, heart and lungs agreed that I could pound out a good run, the brain is holding it back. There will be time enough for pounding <sophomoric giggling> later in the season.

In an essence, I have been trying to reset my Circadian Clock. And, it's been working. In fact, it's been working too well. I find myself getting up on Saturday mornings at 5:30. The desire to poop run kicks in at 6:00 on Sunday morn. Sunday is not a running day! Go back to bed. But, the PRP seems to think that running on Sunday is a good idea. He'll stand outside the bedroom door going through his morning routine (re-read the 3rd paragraph if you are confused). Much to his annoyance, we don't go running. Normally, providing him with a few extra morsels of kibbles is enough to keep him sated while I head back to bed. I listen to the sounds of the Wife snoring crunch crunch of his breakfast. Despite all of my efforts, I rarely rejoin the sleeping world. The clock has been reset and I am destined to be groggy for the remainder of the day.

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