Sunday, February 13, 2011

Perfect Running Partner

I've had the pleasure of running with some of the greatest runners in the world. When you become a triathlete and sign up for the big events, you get to participate with the top dogs in the sport. I recently got to run with the greatest running partner in the world. I had this thought while running with said partner and immediately started pondering this question...

What makes the perfect running partner (PRP)?

Here's the mental list that I've compiled...

  1. The PRP is ready to run at a moment's notice. I'm kinda flighty when it comes to running. It's good to know that the PRP is alright with that.
  2. Pace is wholly unimportant. The PRP is just happy to run.
  3. Hill repeats are no problem. Number of repeats is of no concern. In fact, the more the better (see #2)
  4. Morning runs. Afternoon runs. Evening runs. No problem. (OK, this is the same as #1, but worth repeating).
  5. Any distance is good. The PRP is good to go no matter how far you need.
  6. Gotta stop and take care of business. Fine by the PRP. The PRP has unequivocal amounts of patience.
  7. The PRP is non-judgmental. Bad form. Bad hygiene. Pass gas. No deodorant. Clothes don't match. The PRP doesn't care.
  8. Any weather is good. The PRP doesn't complain about the cold, rain, snow, heat, etc. (I.E. much better than me)
  9. Conversation is not necessary. The PRP will run not matter what and won't bog you down with unnecessary quips about anything. Yet, the PRP won't hinder you from babbling on and on and on.
  10. The PRP is always in good spirits. Humble and uplifting concurrently. The PRP is motivating in this respect.
Hopefully, you have had the opportunity to run under special circumstances. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce the greatest running partner of all time. Truly perfect. Introducing Westley (yes, named after the Princess Bride), the BanterDog.

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