Tuesday, February 1, 2011

2011 Race Schedule

With the threat of a pending blizzard and in the heat of a recovery week, my motivation to do anything resembling physical activity is pretty low. Therefore I decided to let my credit cards do the work tonight and paid out for a bunch of races. As I live in Western New York, most of my races are local. I plan on adding a race or 2 later in the season but I feel rather set between now and IMLP.

Here it goes:
The schedule has a couple of points of interest for me. First, the Flower City races are back to back, giving me a discount and option for a 'special' prize. I'm not much of a duathlon kind of guy as they purposefully get rid of the swim and replace it with a run. In the runner's world, I'm average at best. But, the challenge of the weekend appeals to me so I will cope with the lack of swimming for the weekend festivities. Second, I would like to add another tri in June. I generally do not like to drive more than 2 hours for a race (except for IMLP). I've not been having much luck finding a <2 hour race. Ironically, instead of racing, I will more than likely drive the 5 hours from home to Lake Placid to camp and train on the course. I won't drive to race but will to train. Gosh I'm weird. Third, except for the duathlon, I have done all these races in the past and enjoyed them. There's comfort in familiarity and I am sitting comfortable right now. (Although, that just might be the lazy boy talking.)

After IMLP, there are a few more local races that I've yet to register but am considering. There's a formula 1 style triathlon in mid August. I may do that race or visit my parents in Indiana. It's too early to tell at this point. There's a nice sprint triathlon in one of the Fingerlakes in September. Registration for this event is not yet open and there is a very high probability I will do this event. The big post-season race may be Ironman Syracuse 70.3. It's within the 2 hour window and would give me the chance to do all 4 major triathlon distances in the same season (sprint, intermediate, half, and full). I'm not sure how many other people can boast having done all four in the same season, so I'll be Banter-style superhero in that sense. Even without the bragging rights, the Syracuse event still looks fun. It also marks the last triathlon in the area for the year. The last hoorah. Yeah, I'll probably do it. Probably.

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