Sunday, February 27, 2011

Road Trip- Numbers

Arrived back yesterday afternoon after spending the week in Oklahoma with the Banter in Law, Mrs. BIL, outstanding niece and awesome nephew. Fantastic trip all around, minus the part where the Super 8 Hotel bed fused a couple of the vertebrae in my upper back making it painful to look anywhere but straight ahead. Here's some data from the trip...

Number of miles driven- 2701
Number of miles with a head wind- 2350
Average mile per gallon- 26.8
Number of times stopped to refuel-9
Number of times stopped at Starbucks- 8
Cheapest fuel- Southern Missouri- $2.95
Funniest place to get fuel


Average wind speed for biking- <20 mph
Warmest temperature to bike- 74º
Coolest temperature to bike- 48º
Warmest temperature back home- 32º
Biggest reason to take the road bike instead of the tri-bike-

Number of hours spent cleaning bike- 1.5
Number of hours spent riding bike- 5.25
Number of dead skunks passed while biking- 6
Number of hours spent running- 2.75
Average pace while running- 7:26 per mile
Average pace back home- 7:48 per mile
Number of hours spent swimming- 1.0
Number of hours spent 'swimming'- 1.0

Recovery Food
Number of Mexican restaurants visited- 2
Average calorie of fajitas- 900
Average calorie of chips/ salsa-125
     (per 7 chips according to one resource; who eats just 7 chips?)
When you eat chips/ salsa Banter-style- 1250
Approx excess number of calories needed to gain 1 pound- 3500
Post-trip weight - pre-trip weight= +3 pounds
Estimated number of weeks it will take to lose 3 pounds- 2

Number of casual shirts brought, but not worn- 5
Number of bike shorts brought, but not worn- 0
Number of shoes brought- 5
Number of shoes worn- 4 (left VFF in the bag)
Number of clothing items brought back not belonging to me- 2

Family Time
Number of board games played with niece and nephew- 4
Number of times Banter won-1
Number of kid's movies watched- 2
Number of books read with niece and nephew- 3
   (still never finished the ending of 1)
Number of pages read of my own book- 15
Number of attempts at playing WII against 4 year old- 1
Number of minutes it took for me to get frustrated and quit- 2
Amount of enjoyment gained from trip- unquantifiable

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