Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wacky Wednesday- Thoughts on Evolution

As Winter Training season is rapidly approaching, there's something that's obviously been lacking in my life recently... Bad Movies. That's right, the summer kept movie watching to a minimum. I actually put my Netflix account on hold for a few months as more and more time was spent outside. Now that I am running out of daylight, the queue is back up and running.

Recently, I was sent a copy of "Creation". This flick re-pairs Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly. They met during "A Brilliant Mind" and were phenomenal. They are/ were married (I can never keep up with Hollywood Gossip). As a science teacher, you can probably see why this movie appealed to me. It's about evolution. It's got a monkey on the cover. It's got an A-list hot chick as headliner, of whom I've been drooling since Labyrinth. I was hoping there would be a nice fight scene between the evolutionists and creationists. What I got was the mental angst experienced by a soon-to-be-published Charles Darwin. Darwin, as you know, was a triathlete. I will probably be showing this movie to one of my biology classes. It is not something that I would recommend as a pump-up movie whilst doing high intensity interval training (which is fodder for another post).

But, while I'm on the topic of evolution, there are a couple of other images that come to mind, which I'll also be sharing with my biology classes. I re-discovered the first one while searching for funny Simpson's tombstones for last Wednesday's post. It's the Simpsons take on evolution. No matter how many times I've seen it, it still makes me laugh.

I find this amazingly similar to a picture taken from Chuckie V's blog. If you are unfamiliar with Chuckie V, that's a shame. He's a former professional triathlete and current coach. He's quite brilliant. He's also a bit outspoken which makes his blog quite entertaining as well as educational. He's got a picture somewhere in there that is hitting home a bit too hard lately (again, new post fodder).


  1. Wow I *like* Chuckie V!

    "Excellence, of course, is predicated on acceptance of the most difficult challenges. If an athlete claims she wants to make her way to the top of the sport (or her age-group), she cannot afford to shy away from the toughest of tasks, be they physical or psychological. If she expects to perform on race day, then she will first need to perform daily, if not hourly. Hourly tasks help to fulfill daily tasks, daily tasks help to fulfill weekly ones, weekly ones help to fulfill monthly ones, monthly ones help to fulfill yearly ones, and yearly ones help carry out ultimate ones. Race day performances don't just happen. They happen every single day and for many, many, many days (read: months, years) in advance. An athlete should understand all this, if he or she desires to reach the top. "

    Nice! *(Oh thanks banter man)

  2. Kenestral- Yup, he's an eccentric genius who repeatedly reminds me why I'm not good enough to be a pro (or even first class amateur).