Friday, November 11, 2011

Fascinating Events of the Last Week

First and foremost, I just got back from a trip to New Jersey. I can hear you now, "Why go to NJ?" 99% of the time, I'd be right there with you. However, the volleyball team in which I coach had their Divisional Playoffs. In case you were wondering, we won! My ladies did not lose a game the entire weekend and swept the skills competition. There's proof of their awesomeness on the right.

With that trophy marks the end of the fall season. Translation- an extra 10 hours per week have been freed up. What will I do with all that extra time? Conveniently, the 2012 triathlon training season coincides with the conclusion of my coaching responsibilities. Since I have pre-established a training routine and been logging roughly 7 hours of exercise per week, I am now ready to structure a bit more. The week marked the first official week of training towards Ironman Lake Placid, next year's edition.

Plus, the Banter-in-Law has challenged me to a fat-off competition in response to my recent Wacky Wednesday post. The odds are slightly stacked in his favor in this endeavor. And I am saying this with the greatest deal of respect and love for the BIL... Should he become an overachiever in the weight loss category and I match him pound for pound, I would need to sacrifice a limb in order to keep up. My competitive brain sees this as an option, depending on what/ how much we wager. But my emotional brain is seemingly opposed to the idea. So I am trying to come up with a system of comparing apples to fat. If anyone has any ideas as to a system that isn't solely focused on total number of pounds, please let me know. Further, if anyone wants in, leave a comment and I'd be happy to accomodate.

Next on the list of exciting Banter news is that we bought a new house. The new place has some distinct differences over the current place...
-First, no stairs. It's a full ranch as opposed to the split level. You'd think that with my fitness goals and desires that stairs would be welcomed. Nope. Good riddance you repeated 6-8 inches of agony. (Insert "that's what she said joke" here ______)
-Second, I am increasing my lawn mowing responsibilities by a manner of 8 fold.
-Third, no neighbors in front nor behind. Left and right are a significant distance away (see #2).
-Fourth, my commute to work has doubled.
-Fifth, and possibly the most exciting, is that I can bike for many miles without encountering a single stop light. No more training bogged down by that devil feature. Gotta love that.

After meeting with the lawyers, signing about 14 trees worth of paper, looking at the bottom line cost of the house after the interest has accrued over the term of the mortgage, and forking over more cash than seems appropriate, we now are in possession of 2 homes. If anyone is interested in buying a well maintained, energy star efficient house that is guaranteed to make your calf muscles strong, please let me know.

P.S. I now know what I am going to be doing with that extra 10 hours a week freed up from coaching.

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