Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wacky Wednesday- In honor of Halloween

With Fox having won the bidding wars for broadcast coverage yet again, the conclusion of the 2011 Baseball World Series can only mean 1 thing: new episodes of the Simpsons. The kickoff of the Simpsons season is the traditional Halloween Special, affectionately called the Treehouse of Horror (insert roman numeral here). The opening credits used to be littered with humorous gravestones; throwbacks that only fans would appreciate. For example:

Hint: He's not dead
Then, this tombstone showed up, marking the end to that tradition.

The idea of funny gravestones isn't a Matt Groening original. Some famous dead people have a sense of humor too:
Fine. When will you be back?
Is that a reef in the reflection or a donut?
That explains the smell
But the pig lives on

Some people just have really good names:

Note: Predates Seinfeld
Sure, died by 'accident'

No mention on how she felt about that.


Here's a couple from Rochester's Mt. Hope Cemetery taken by yours truly:

Sounds like an awesome 80s horror/ comedy


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