Wednesday, September 12, 2012

WW- Buy My House

If any of you are loyal fans of the Banter, you'd know that I changed residence during the spring. As a consequence of that decision, I own 2 houses. Here's the thing: I don't need 2 houses. I may regret that statement should the Wife ever come to her senses and kick me out. Since that doesn't appear to be likely, I'd like to get rid of my old house.

 To be clear, my old house was/ is a great house. It has 4 bedrooms including a master bedroom on a separate floor from the guest/ kid rooms. Since we moved in (2003), we added a new roof, new windows, new boiler, new hot water tank, upgraded the electricity, refinished the basement, added insulation, and much more. We never actually intended to leave.

That was when we realized that we are idiots 4 bedrooms is much more space than a married couple without children- whom have no friends and family that never visits- needs. The dogs are not even allowed in the bedrooms. So what is the point of having all of that space if we weren't using it. There was a time last winter when we went 3 months without venturing to the upper level of the home.

Our new house is a significant downgrade in living space. We are happy here. The only problem is that we are struggling to convince someone else that the old house is a worthy investment. We contracted a real estate lady to help with the process. She has posted it on all of the websites. And the house locator apps. And the newspaper. And the magazines. I even think the house was on TV once.

I think that we are running out of ideas. I believe that the only thing left is to post the house on CraigsList. CraigsList is a complicate place in which you can buy or sell pretty much anything. If these people can tackle the CraigsList, maybe it's good enough for selling my house.

P.S. If you're interested, or know anyone who's interested, in purchasing a house in the area, please let me know. It really is a good house.


  1. Can you install the yard swing?

    Seriously, I'd love you help you out since your blog is very funny but, I don't need a house in NY (I think) nor do I know anyone looking to buy in that area.

    Good luck though

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