Wednesday, November 14, 2012

WW- Homework Issues

It's report card time. Millions of students have been diligently working towards a small sheet of paper sent home in the mail which will determine their:
  • Allowance
  • Additional levels of chores
  • Amount of time to read semi-entertaining blogs
  • Right to borrow dad's car
It is a completely different experience on this side of the grading system. First and foremost, I actually have to grade papers. This is something in which I do not excel. I'm pretty good at handing out homework. I'm not so good at giving it back. I guess showing up to races isn't all that I procrastinate with. But, just like in triathlon, I get the job done.

Perhaps if the students did high quality work, I'd be more motivated to look at their papers. Perhaps if the students did stellar assignments, my desire to pick up and decipher their handwriting would be enhanced. Or, maybe if they got a little creative, like the assignments below, I'd be happy to pull out my red pen. Maybe indeed.

2 correct answers

The science guy in me is rolling

How does the teacher know that?

Can't say it's wrong

I disagree. Right beer law

Here's some gender biased selections:

Ah, the proof
Must be from the south

When I draw it, it looks like a clown

For the athletes:
Clearly a non-runner triathlete

Teacher clearly not a triathlete

More can be found here.

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