Wednesday, November 7, 2012

WW- New Bike Ideas

It's crappy-riding season. You can recognize this season by certain characteristics:
  • Dropping temperatures
  • Sunset before quitting time
  • Higher chance of precipitation
  • Extra-pansy-like tendencies
  • More clothing for previously naked mundane activities
During this time, there's only a few ways to handle this season and still bike, respectively.
  1. Put on more clothing and brave the elements.
  2. Buy highly reflective materials and items measured in lumens
  3. Apply wet lube to all moving parts of the bike
  4. No real way to get around this.
  5. Pretty much the same as #1
There are other options. Granted, they won't make you a better athlete, but they will give you something previously unexpected- self satisfaction. You can find 2nd uses for your bike that don't include pounding out the miles indoors.

You could turn your bike into a tail-gate party on wheels.

You could improve your personal hygiene.

You could use your bike to start a party.

You could use your bike to help the local wildlife.

Or, you could use your ride to honor the memory of lost love-ones.

What are some other ideas that you could possibly use your bike for, ya know, other than riding?

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