Wednesday, March 6, 2013

WW- The Real Cyclocross

If you have read my last 2 posts (Part 1 and Part 2), it seems a bit apropos to give you some education. See, the Banter-In-Law and I, while riding on cyclocross bikes, came nowhere near experiencing cyclocrossing. We were riding non-suspension ten speeds on a single track mountain bike trail. I, at least, did so rather poorly.

I was indeed curious about the sport. Therefore, I did some research. Like most modern day researchers, I did not venture further than my keyboard. As it turns out, Cyclocross is a subset of USA Cycling, the governing body off all sports involving a bicycle (except for triathlon, duathlon, aquabike, cyclorow, or anything else actually fun). To add legitimacy, they have even published their own magazine.

Apparently, cyclocross races are very competitive. Many races are short (less than 60 minutes), intense, multiple laps, and include obstacles. Obstacles such as mud, which in my experience is next to impossible to bike through.

Okay, I get that if you are out on a mountain bike trail that you might encounter some mud. Fine. But stairs?

Or hurdles?

Further, I learned that my system of pedaling for a short while and falling off the bike is more the norm than the oddity.

Especially when they put a big pile of snow right in the middle of the course.

With this post, I hope to have captured the true essence of cyclocrossing. If not, here's a graphic to clarify...

I couldn't leave this post without giving you some video of real people participating in real cyclocross competitions who have high quality, top notch skills. This is a compilation of some of the best in 2009 Cyclocross Championship held in Colorado. It sort of makes me feel better about my personal cyclocross skills.

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