Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ok, My Weather's Not That Bad

I do an awful lot of complaining about the weather, both in blog form and in conversation form. Most of my gripes are centered around the cold, rain, and wind. These, of which obviously, I'm not that fond.

Take our most recent Memorial Day weekend. The average high for our area is typically in the low 70s. For 2013, we had upper 50s to low 60s, wind and rain. Those conditions changed what would normally be an amazing training weekend into a complete pansy fest. At least I had the chance to overeat.

This up-and-coming weekend marks the first triathlon of the 2013 season. The Keuka Lake Triathlon is a pretty good race. I've done this race in the past, made some mistakes, and had some good times. But, with the atmosphere being below average for most of the spring, the water temps are sitting nicely near 56ยบ. Brrr.

So, while I sit here and whine about my weather woes and how Mother Nature must hate my guts, I check out some other areas. For example, this was Lake Placid, NY on this past Sunday.

They got right around 30" of snow. I wonder how cold their water is. Here's what San Antonio, Tx looked like.

So, LP beat us in cold. Tx beat us in rain. At least we had some wind, right? I'd be remiss if I didn't pay homage to my OKC peeps. The BIL, Mrs. BIL, the niece and the nephew live right in the middle of the recent tornadoes. Whereas they are all safe and their house is still standing, the area is a complete and utter mess.

Here's the bad boy that beat them up...

And here's what being beat up looks like...

So, this post is really a reminder to me. The next time I start bellyaching about some below average temp, a little bit of water falling out of the sky, or some gusty winds, I'll have to keep my life in perspective. Even with our sudden drastic increase in temps causing near 90s this week, it's not so bad after all. I'll do my best to keep the whining at a minimum. (Not advertising full abstinence though. That would be asking too much.)

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