Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Star Wars Revisited

This post is in honor of National Star Wars Day, which happens to be in a couple of days in case you're not a geek.

The post is inspired by one of the greatest pictures of a dude on a bike.

Now, as I understand it, this picture was posted to one of those Social Media sites. I'm not much into social media past this blog and an occasional twit comment. Thing is, on this particular site, you have the option of liking things. Not disliking. Nope. Couldn't have that. Only liking. I, for the life of the brain behind my Face, think that the website has something to do about a Book. Maybe there are some socially active people out there who understand that you should go to that website and find the Quintana Roo area, find the contest and like this Chewbacca. I agree, he really needs a new bike.

Of course, this got me to thinking on how else to link Star Wars to triathlon. There's this awesome swim suit for the ladies. Beep beep.

Here's how clones would practice swimming. Boots and all.

One day, I'll stop caring about my speed in a race and get one of these bikes, which are ironically called speedbikes. So, I'll stop focusing on bike speed to get a speedbike. Makes sense to me.

I tried to find some sort of amusing or symbolic picture of a running related Star Wars something or other. Nope. There's no evidence that anyone in the Star Wars universe actually ran. Why would they when they had the force, could travel at light speed and use weapons that would melt their hands off?

Further, there's no evidence that a Star Wars fan in this universe has actually run either. Sadly, most of us look a little bit like this.

And, just in case you have defied the odds and kept reading after the pic above, I've got a tiny reward for you. Recently, Harrison Ford (AKA Han Solo in case you really aren't into Star Wars, been under a rock or off planet Earth for the past 30+ years, and still have made it this far in the post) gave an interview about his new movie called 42. The fans couldn't resist asking him about... You'll see for yourself.

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