Monday, February 27, 2012

The 2012 Lenten Challenge

Last year, I had this less than swell idea. First, I hypothesized about the function of Lent and I'm pretty sure I hit the nail on the head. Then, to honor the season I decided to do 40 days of working out. Due to some really shady math system established by the Christian calendar many hundreds of years ago, 40 days became 46 days of working out. I hated it.

I promised that I wouldn't do that again. As it turns out, I am a complete idiot. I have every intention of working out everyday between now and Easter. And, as it turns out, I am a couple of days behind (see 'Exceptions to the Rules' below).

My Proposed Workout Schedule
I call this the classic 5, 4, 3, 2 schedule. 5 rides. 4 runs. 3 swims. 2 lifts. 1+1 optional bike and run. Bike rides must be longer than 30 minutes in order to count. Runs must be longer than 3 miles to count. Swims should be done in a pool. I have no criteria on lifting. In fact, the only reason  I lift weights is to get revenge on the bully that steals my lunch money the Wife insists that I have more chest muscle than her.

1. Workout daily
2. Continue until Easter

Seems easy, right? Like every challenge, there's some fine print.

Exceptions to the Rules (I.E. excuses to not workout)
1. Severe illness
2. Injury
3. Wife veto (she might want some Banter time)

Since Lent actually started last Wednesday, I should have posted this nearly a week ago. I have not been keeping up. No exercise on Wed, Thur, Fri, nor Sat. I did go for a ride yesterday. The rhinovirus conveniently handed me exception #1. Pending no further interactions with my students (good luck on your tests), avoiding any knee pain, or extra time with the Wife, I'll have roughly 42 days of working out. Stay tuned...

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  1. I'm doing this Lent Workout Challenge too. So far so good. Good luck to ya.