Wednesday, February 8, 2012

WW Change the Blog?

This clip reminded me of high school (probably because I was in high school at the time it aired on TV). In the great state of Illinois, there is a law that requires Physical Education classes every day of every year of your high school life. I didn't mind.

This year, we happened to have a female teacher that was quite similar to Coach Beiste on Glee, only not as feminine. My PE class had 30 students, only 5 of them males. You gotta like that female to male ratio (especially when you are on the buyers side of the equation). This would have made my PE class ideal until you realize that I was a 100 pound cross country runner with bright orange, mullet style hair who got straight A's in school. Yup, none of the girls were remotely interested in me, even at those odds. If they were, I had none of the confidence to recognize or act upon said interests, bumping my appeal down a few notches.

To add insult to geekiness, Coach What's Her Name had scheduled a 5-week aerobics unit. You remember aerobics, right? Leg warmers. Tights. Bass-laden, repetitive club music. Some guy or gal walked you through the dance steps in 8-beat sets. Step up. Step down. Sache.  Coach would put a VHS into the 24 inch cathode ray tube and allow the electronic teacher to walk us through the moves. Richard Simmons made more than one appearance during this month of awkwardness.

Coach should have showed us what the pros were doing. Maybe then we would have realized the awesomeness of aerobics. Maybe then a young nerd with the male ego seeds just starting to spurt could have set his sights on winning one of these competitions. Maybe then, this blog would be called Aerobic-Banter.

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