Wednesday, March 28, 2012

WW- The Banter Has Moved!

Most of the time, my gaps in content are due to ridiculous reasons:
-I was working
-I was training
-I was ill
-I was lazy

There's really no excuse not to blog under those conditions. Recently, however, I had a much more valid excuse... I moved. It's quite humbling when you see everything you own fit into a 17' U-haul. You've got HER stuff. You've OUR stuff. Then, you've got MY stuff, which conveniently fit into a bag small enough to stow away underneath an airline passenger seat. (Okay, that's my non-triathlon stuff. We had to make a separate trip for my tri gear, but that doesn't count.)

As of yet, we are far from settled in. Everything is in boxes or bags. Hefty makes a kick-ass luggage set. As a bit of friendly advise, don't use the Vanilla Scented trash bags to package your clothing. It seems like a good idea, you know, with the fresh smell and the food like goodness. Trust me on this, it's not that great on your clothes.

Today was the first day that we had any real food in the house. Dinner yesterday was eggs and toast. Dinner 2 days ago was PB&J. Dinner 3 days ago was leftover pizza. Guess what was for dinner 4 days ago?

So far, we've made really good progress in getting our lives somewhat streamlined. Sure, there are things that elude capture. We'll sort it out in due time. Until then, we improvise. For example, plates are not needed when you own stock in paper towels (especially when you consider what was recently on the menu). Did you know that wine tastes just as good from a coffee mug as it does from a wine glass? I do not notice my hair feeling any different when I use dog shampoo.

Small things are the easiest to misplace in a move. They also tend to be the most important. Hence, the reason we busted out new toothbrushes. Finger brushing just wasn't going to do the job. Further, a razor isn't that easy to spot amongst the mess. Now would be a good time to grow a beard, except for the fact that there are certain places on my face that refuse to sprout buds. A beard on me would just be a pathetic swatch of miscolored patches of fuzz and thick red bristle. No really consistency could be seen.

If only there was a way to solve my facial hair problem. If only someone was willing to deliver me toiletries at super low costs. If only...


  1. Fortunately the weather has been good! hahaha. Given your situation I would expect that you'll be riding in the sleet on Saturday. Me I'll be tootaling about in Partly Sunny 85F and hoping that my sunburn from MIO has gone down.

    1. Anytime soon. we'll switch roles. I'll have the 80s perfection. You'll have sweltering inferno. Enjoy it while it lasts big guy.