Wednesday, March 7, 2012

WW- Future of Our Youth

In case you mist it, this passsed Sunday was National Grammar Day. As a teacher, I founded this quite disturbing. Why would thems have a day to honor grammar on a Sunday? At lest allow us to not celebrate this day in school. Apparently, these is one of those funky-type holidays. Imflexible in its date is wat it is so it is always on March 4th. This wasn't not my first year not celebrating the day.

The only reason I even know about this day is that I came across this article. To save you the effort of reading it yourself (heaven forbid that I encourage reading), the dude basically says that word-making is dynamic and that we need to keep up with the times.

I have read the doomsday articles on numerous occasions in the past. Old fogies complaining that today's youth are lost souls. Popular media, such as social networking sites, are ruining our young people's ability to make grammatically-correct, coherent thoughts. This is the beginning of the rapture.

Here's a semi-NSFW video that proves the helplessness of our kids, sung by adults. (Get rid of the scantily clad bra- chick, whose also thinks its a good idea to have a business suite, and it's perfect. Except for the fact that its mocking Timberland, or Timberlake, or Timberman, or something like that.) Apparently pop music, like, also messes with kids' minds.

Now, I fully get that this was done in jest. It made me giggle several times, despite the horrible music.  I, for one, thing today's kids are in good hands (again, I'm a teacher). I think that they are also makin great strides in expressing themselves. Here's a nice picture of me, sent to me by one of my kids, that proves the point. It is well done and completely, 100% gramatically correct.

I luv teaching.

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