Wednesday, April 11, 2012

WW- Fueling Up

As you may or may not know, I have changed houses. There are several consequences that are blatantly obvious when you move:
  1. You have too much crap that you don't need.
  2. Putting all of that crap in boxes makes you grumpy.
  3. Carrying all of those boxes filled with crap you don't need makes you grumpier.
  4. Finding a spot to display all of your crap you don't need in the new house makes you confused.
  5. Trying to figure out why you didn't move the crap you don't need to the dumpster makes you even more confused.
Now that I'm coaching track again, there are more subtle consequences of the move. My old house was a plush 3.8 miles away from my workplace. Since the Wife and I work at the same joint, we ride together (or, as she puts it, 'I chauffeur her'). This gives me more time with the Wife and saves fuel. Since the move, my commute has expanded to about 14 miles. This is not too painful. But, the Wife has no patience to wait until practice is over. I traded in my chauffeur's hat for running shoes and we drive separately.

Our second car is a truck, which has the fuel economy on the bottom end of the spectrum. The truck's only usefulness is when someone needs moving or when I have a coaching gig. The rest of the time, the truck just sits in the driveway sunning itself like a lizard on an asphalt stone.

To make matters worse, gas prices are creeping their way up. I'm pretty sure, when the season is over and I get that huge check school's are prone to hand out to their employees (sarcasm should be obvious here), the coaching job may actually pay for the commute. That's all I can do is hope to break even. Therefore, I'll leave you with my thoughts and feelings on the gas prices as they pertain to my new, longer commute.

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