Wednesday, October 31, 2012

WW- Happy Halloween

We had a Wind Day at school yesterday. I had no idea Wind Days even existed. They are exactly the same as Snow Days except that there was no snow. Schools in the area closed their doors due to potentially unsafe conditions. Wind gusts were bordering 70 mph. Trees were falling. Power was going out. Rivers were rising. Beaches were eroding. It was chaos. I turned off my morning alarm and slept in until 7:00.

I had every intention of running in Hurricane Sandy. Sure, it's not that smart but I would feel more like a man. A running man. Only thing is that my manhood never came. The winds subsided to the lower 20s while the temps were in the 50s. I felt guilty for not going to school on what could have otherwise been labeled a pleasant autumn day. I had a pretty good run though.

The departure of the Hurricane sets up the arrival of Halloween. For most of us, that means triathlon season is completely over. It will be a good 6 months from now until multisport returns to the area. That doesn't mean we can't keep in the triathlon spirit. If you're anything like me, you already miss SBR. Here's some ways to keep in the triathlon mindset, and celebrate Halloween, while the elements make it difficult to spend quality training time.

Looking for costume ideas. Might I suggest Compression Man.

Or you could help control traffic at your next race (which will probably be a running-only event).

Dressing up not your thing? Maybe, if you are an adult loser, you can settle for triathlon related jack-o-lanterns.

The Running-O-Lantern

The Cycling-O-Lantern

Or, my personal favorite, the Swimmer-O-Lantern

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