Wednesday, October 17, 2012

WW- New Helmet Ideas

Non-racing season is in full swing. Symptoms of non-racing season include:
  • Replacing race wheels with stock wheels
  • Busting out the trainer in hopes that I will get Stockholmed soon
  • Re-wiring my TV so that I can ride on the trainer
  • Exercising in significantly more clothes
It's that last one that I really hate. All summer long, I'm pretty much naked. Sure, I put on this extra thin layer of lycra/ cool max material. In most settings, that's not actually called clothing. Now that temps are dropping and the daylight hours are waning, the mass of material stacked upon oneself can hide even the most spectacular holiday gluttony. No wonder people put on weight in the winter time. It's not the food, it's the clothes.

I'm still not really ready to bike full time in the garage. Sure, I can tolerate mid-week spins. On the weekends, I'd still like to hit the pavement. I can layer up from head to toe, except for maybe the noggin.

My helmet is actually labeled 'super-light' due to the number of vents (and the fact that it's not heavy). It blocks exactly zero of the elements. Skull caps help only marginally. Therefore, I might need a new helmet for this transition period. Here are some ideas...

To be seen at night or by your leader
I think the posts help in aero
OK, this might actually have more ventilation
Dubbed "The Neck Saver"
Here's the helmet that -I think- describes me best.

Here's the one that -actually- describes me best.

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