Wednesday, October 10, 2012

WW- New Versions of SBR

Now that the triathlon race season is officially over, I'm starting to look forward to training and getting ready for next year's season. I know, gross right!? But, that's the life of a dedicated triathlete. There's always next season.

My major problem is that I didn't really succeed at any of this year's goals. I didn't PR at IMLP. I didn't run any sub-20 minute 5ks. I didn't break 5 hours at a HIM (lousy course markings, or lack there of) (I'm still brooding).

Maybe next year, I'll try something different (doubtful). There are alternatives to SBR while keeping the SBR intact.

There are different versions of swimming:

Different versions of Biking:

Different versions of Running:

I'm pretty sure I'll stick with the traditional. Whereas I did not reach my goals this year, I appreciate the challenge. Sport is worth it and it's not easy on purpose.

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