Wednesday, December 12, 2012

WW- Cost Savings

There are few things blatantly obvious about my current lifestyle that are different now as compared to a year ago...
  • I've got 2 mortgages
  • I've got no money
  • I've got no game
  • I've still not signed up for any races
That first bullet on the list may soon change, thus changing the rest of the items in its wake. I don't want to jinx things before they happen but things are looking promising. Yes. Things.

Anyway, until things change, I've gone into money saving mode. Hence, the last bullet on the list. I also haven't bought any new tri stuff and my wine drinking has gone down to 7 days per week. Again, I'm cutting corners.

After doing research on how other people save money, I've learned that there are stores that sell un-cooked food for cheaper than prepared restaurant food. They have pretty much everything you could want in its native form. For example, you can buy chips and salsa in bags and jars as opposed to having it served to you in bowls. I found free range Clif Bars. Plus, there are more parts to a chicken than just a wing (which apparently are also not naturally covered in hot or mild bbq sauce). The things you learn on the internet.

I also discovered that these "grocery" stores will also further discount your items if you hand them a sheet of non-redeemable-for-cash papers called coupons. Surely this is a scam. Why in the world would they force you to print out a piece of paper to get a reduced price? Why not just be fair and offer the lowest prices for everyone? Apparently, some of these stores will actually pay money to have their coupons printed in junk mail and delivered to your doors. Weird. They pay money so that you can get a lower price on items you probably didn't want in the first place.

Well, not all coupons were created equally. Some are much better deals than others. Take this one, for example.

Now, I might actually need a new bike. Drat, it expired. Ok, not all stores offer 100% off deals. Most are a little less. Such as:

I don't know what to do in this situation. I do admit to getting hungry and will eat pretty much anything. However, I may think twice about cashing in a couple of these coupons.

Sadly, you are only allowed to eat up to 2 kids for free. Some deals are just too good to pass up. Look at the other free stuff you can get.

Sometimes I get really hungry. I'd have to be if I were going to shop here.

Since I'm probably not going to eat anything that's genuine Barf, I might opt for something a little more safe. As a triathlete, rice is certainly one of my staples. Except, when it's not.

It is the Holiday Season and many of you are looking for gift ideas. Ladies, here's something for your dads.

The PRP might appreciate some of these.

I'd like to send out a word of caution to my friends and family. There's a high probability you may get one of these items from me this year.

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