Wednesday, December 5, 2012

WW-Weight Loss Foods

It's that time of year again. We're stuck smack dab in the middle of the proverbial holiday season. Along with decreased sunlight comes increased calorie consumption coupled with declining exercising. I am trying my best to forgo the latter but, for me, the former is inevitable.

I noticed the calorie consumption problem after stepping on the scale recently. I was not happy with the number. It's time that I did something about reversing the slope of my weight-gain to a more negative order. Therefore, I, like many before me, have signed up for a account with the intent to start counting calories.

Slightly off topic... I have weird conversations with my students often. Just the other day we dove into the science behind pimples. And why coaches tend to avoid post-competition huddles with their athletes due to the smell. And the reason for high sodium content in urine. They want to know all of the good stuff.

Once in a while, we jump on the conversation of food. I'm a pretty firm believer that I will eat anything at least once. I do accompany this statement with some conditions: Namely that the food must also be consumed by others and that it is prepared by someone with the knowledge of how to cook said food. Most of the time, this conversation is preceded by a bug topic. Yes, I have actually eaten a bug or two on purpose. In fact, I'd eat them any day over bacon.

Thankfully, my kids aren't that learned on other, non-insect options available on the market. These following items may have me rethinking my "eat anything at least once" mantra. Even MyFitnessPal doesn't have a listing for them. I'm certainly not going to add them to the queue.

Because pigs are smarter than most other animals.

I wonder what the old and un-improved was like

No specific part, just any camel meat

I always thought that coon and possom don't mix.

MMM, BBQ Scorpions

Sheep's tongues are BaaaahD

Because Eels really need to have a jelly

This is "Fish Mouths" in whatever language that is.

I'm pretty sure this is Spanish for "Canned Crap"
In case you're wondering where the Crap came from
If those items were staple in my house, I'd meet my weight loss goals rather quickly. Anyone else got other weight loss foods they'd like to share?

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