Wednesday, December 26, 2012

WW- Post Christmas Gifts

Yesterday was Christmas (just in case you didn't know). The Wife and I have the most amazing Christmas morning tradition... We sleep in. After we are well rested, we get up, appreciate our morning beverages, and exchange gifts wrapped in their original store plastic bags.

Here's what I was hoping for:
Here's what I got:
The extended family did come through with some tri-related stuff (thanks BIL, MIL, and FIL!). Now, I know that there are several readers out there with a big heart and a desire to thank me and my semi-entertaining blog. Should you be in the mood, you can look at the short list above. Or you can choose from the options below, which feature some of Amazon's most expensive items.

If you remember, the Pain Cave for working out is a little bleak. This $25,000 TV is sure to brighten things up.

Now that I live in a new house, I'd like to start preparing for the future. As you know, the energy needs of our country is highly dependent on oil. Non-renewable oil. If I'm gonna own that fancy TV from above, I need a back-up plan to ensure it stays running.

As an endurance athlete, high attention to nutrition is a requirement. While the rest of the world is cutting carbs, I am starting to up my training and my energy. In a nutshell, I need pasta. I would very much like it if I didn't have to rely on Barilla for my angel hair. For only $380 g's and an output of 750 pounds of spaghetti an hour, this device would actually make money.

I currently am an iPhone owner (mostly as a consequence of the Wife). If I weren't, I might own a competitor's SmartPhone. Perhaps Samsung. And then, I'd need accessories. I'm pretty sure that, for just over $9 mil, I'll need only one.

And, just in case I need some extra memory, I can purchase these.

But, truth be told, I could really just go for the Power Meter or Race Entries. In the end, it's your money. I won't tell you what to get for me.

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