Sunday, April 14, 2013

Dear Garmin Calendar,

I didn't realize things had gotten so bad between us. I thought we had a good relationship. I used you on a semi-daily basis. I used you to keep track of my workouts. I used you to keep track of my progress. In turn, you kept me organized. Kept me honest. Maybe that was the problem, I was using you and giving nothing in return.

Recently, I noticed a difference in your behavior. You changed. And not for the better. Sure, you told me that you were new and improved. You told me that you had my best interests in mind. You even wrote me a positive, upbeat letter...
If you haven’t used your Garmin Connect calendar for a while, it’s time to take a second look. We’ve completely revamped it and added a ton of features. The calendar is a great place to plan your workouts, or simply keep yourself on a schedule. You can now drag and drop workouts, activities and notes; see your weekly, monthly or yearly totals by activity type; color code your activities, training plans, goals and events; and so much more. If you’re a member of a group with a group calendar, you can show or hide that on your own calendar, too--that way you'll never miss a group run or ride again!
I didn't even notice you needed improvement (which may have been part of the problem). I went in to the new You with a touch of excitement. You even sent me a sexy picture of what you looked like all dressed and ready to impress.
I'm sorry Garmin Calendar, but I seem to be missing something. I don't normally use the calendar to plan my workouts, making the drag and drop function obsolete to me. I've always been able to see weekly, monthly, and yearly totals by activity type, so no real benefit there. My activities have always been color coded. I even wrote about your use of color coding in the past. I'm not even sure what a 'group' means in terms of triathlon training. I'm pretty sure such things are discouraged, maybe even prohibited in the rules, so it's not clear why you even bothered adding that accessory.

Still, after reading your letter and seeing your picture, I went into Garmin Connect with an open mind. You told me you were sexy. You told me you were better. Who was I to disagree? Here's what I saw...

Basically, the calendar viewing screen has shrunk to make way for the left side menu, which has virtually no function. Therefore, the available viewing information inside a specific date is less, forcing me to click on the date if I want to know anything other than the distance of the workout. The default color of light blue is strenuous to read. I did figure out how to change the default color from your limited palette. But, it changed each and every color since the beginning of time. Remember how you said I could "color code my activities"? Nope.

Garmin Calendar, I am not happy with the new you. You sent me a picture and description of a sleek, new you all dressed up in silky lingerie. Then, you showed up in frumpy sweatpants and a disgusting top.

In a nutshell, I miss you. The old you. The real you. I hope you get better soon and we can go back to enjoying the relationship as it was. Because, that was a great relationship and a good calendar. Or, at least, it was better than the one who showed up on my doorstep the other day.

I'm sure that things will get better. One day, you and I might look back on this message and laugh. You may get motivated and actually implement the changes you described. We'll be able to add make-up and a firming halter top.  Remember, those changes were your idea, not mine. Either that or I will start looking for a new relationship with a different calendar. And I really don't want to do that. Please let me know your thoughts and feelings on this. I look forward to your response.

Love you,

The Banter

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