Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Regression Data

I admit it, I'm a little brain dead right now. I don't think that I've recovered from this weekend's lousy 15k. My brain tells me that I should take a day or two off to allow the old bones to heal but my heart tells me that I'm Relenting and dedicated to that sort of success. To make matters worse, we are on "Spring" Break (quotations indicating that spring is just an honorary title and not remotely close to the actually weather conditions).

So, now I'm slower due to fatigue. Grumpy due to the cold chill in the air. And stupider for lots of reasons but most specifically due to not needing to think much while not working.

What's one to do?

I did try and use my brain to learn stuff. For example, suppose I wanted to go out and talk to intelligent people, where would I go?

My town is #13 on the list. Therefore, I wouldn't have to venture far. Where's the fun in that? Note: we were 9th on the list until I moved here. Coincidence?

I did spend some time re-reading some of my old posts. I have to tell ya that, after all of these years, I'm a funny guy. Seriously, I have to tell ya that. Here's the data to prove it.

As if to show you how far gone my brain has become lately, here's more proof of real-life items that I find absolutely hysterical.

Thank god I gave up pop years ago

Now, with extra bile

This is a Norwegian beer AND a prediction
And, last but not least, I have to tell you that I have a chip problem. It's true. I eat way too many of them. If I lived in Finland, I'd probably have 2 problems. Observe the chips with a bang.

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