Wednesday, May 23, 2012

WW- Hydration Ideas

After a warm winter and a mostly cool spring, temperatures here in the New England area are starting to rise. And, with the homestead being on the shores of the mighty Lake Ontario, we are are no loss for humidity.

Let's be clear, the heat/ humidity has not reached the critical state yet. I know that race directors all across the great north are canceling, deferring, or postponing running races. This just does not happen in triathlon. Heat is not a factor in multisport. If you don't like the conditions, it's up to you to drop out.

Since a majority of racing in the area is dead smack in the middle of summer, we can pretty much plan on there being hot conditions. Instead of worrying about the heat, it's best to get out and train. Get your body acclimatized to the conditions. One aspect that MUST be worked into your training is hydrating during exercise.

There are many ways to hydrate. Here are a couple of my favorite hydration ideas.

Hydrating for the Swim- You could wear one of these belts, which also doubles as a flotation device.

Hydrating for the Bike- Take advantage of the resources that Mother Nature provides you.

Hydrating for the Run- There really is no need to carry liquid with you once you master this technique.

Addendum- Just be sure not to go running with friends.

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