Wednesday, May 30, 2012

WW- Non-Tri Approved Automobiles

When you sign up for a race, meaning triathlon, and there are several steps before you are an official entrant. All of these steps are on a different screen, making the process to sign up for a triathlon about 1.5 times the actual event. They want to know...
1. Demographics (name, address, phone, measurements T-shirt size)
2. Emergency contact info (name, address, phone, measurements)
3. Promotional data (how'd you hear about the race, can we send you hourly copies of our newsletter, can we sell your soul demographic information to others who will send you hourly copies of their newsletter, would you like to buy some socks)
4. Official Business (USAT number, age group competition, measurements waivers)
I'm not sure exactly when it started but it is rather commonplace now. And, for some reason, it is triathlon specific. They've added another step...
5. Carbon emissions offsetting
During step 5, they ask you about your car and what how many athletes you are bringing to the race. Then, by the magic of the internet, they already know how many miles per gallon for your vehicle and how far you have to drive to get to the race. (Aside: I think they are padding the numbers. They list my SUV hybrid at 25 mpg but the dashboard thingy says I get 30.)

Through some simple math, roughly 1 cent per mile, you can opt to pay money to off-set your carbon footprint for the race. This is completely voluntary. Like an idiot, I always click "Sure, please take more of my money." I have no idea what happens to the $0.37 that I just handed out. I do know that I now feel better for the carbon free day I am about to enjoy.

This only happens in triathlon. None of the running races I have done offer carbon offsetting. Maybe it's because runners are naturally better people than triathletes. Maybe it's because someone out there heard that triathletes are gullible losers who are willing to spend large amounts of money on useless items. Maybe its that triathletes are leading the charge towards environmental responsibility.

One thing that's for sure, the algorithm cannot possible account for all of the makes and models available to the consumer. Sure, they have the major brands, but they don't have these fancy cars on their list. Granted, I don't have any of them either. Maybe one day I'll own a car like these (thanks to for the inspiration).

As if the VW bug needed any more awesomeing. Now, more people can get smacked at rocket speeds.

For all of your triathlon needs, a truck that will not only haul your bikes to the race, but give you something to do while the race director covers the rules. Yes, that's a flat screen TV and a gaming chair.

 It's a jet. It's a limo. It's a limo jet.

Whether your a fan of the old Tron or the new Tron, it really doesn't matter.  This bike screams coolness.
I used to think that hovercrafts were the only amphibious vehicles. Man was I wrong. This is a car/ boat/ General Lee convertible. Not pictured... Daisy.

I will own the sofa mobile if I have to sell everything. Excluding my tri-bike

(Okay, I'd probably sell my tri-bike too)

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