Wednesday, May 16, 2012

WW- New Wetsuits

My new house is pretty dang close to a big lake. It's so close that I could take a 5 minute walk down a private road, gawk at all of the pretty houses (of which I do not own) and hop in. And I have every intention of doing so once the water temperature slides up a bit. I guess I am selectively pansy about more things than I thought.

 Here's the thing about swimming in the lake, the Wife insists that I not drown. I don't normally plan on drowning, and I haven't done so in the past, yet the worry still creeps up. My main defense against drowning is my kickass swimming skills. That and often wear a wetsuit in non-bath like water environments.

With this new access to a large body of water, I am going to put a lot of wear and tear on my wetsuit. I may need to consider backup options. Alas, there are so many out there. There are sleeveless, full sleeves, ribbed arms, smooth arms, high knees, and the super-sexy slit-down-the-back. Or, I might consider some of these...

Even if they don't help me swim faster, they might do a good job at distracting the competition. Either way, I come out in front. Hey, a win is a win. I just need to make sure to control myself and set myself up for success. This includes being prepared for the conditions, eating right, and for heaven-sakes, I must not practice flatulence in my wetsuit.

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