Wednesday, May 9, 2012

WW- May the 4th

I seriously had no idea. And I feel ashamed about it. Star Wars was on a TV in my life once a week for several years in a row. The original trilogy is on my go-to list as "Netflix has nothing I want to view right now". So, when my mommy sent me a "Happy Star Wars Day" text, I was dumbfounded. I wouldn't call her a fan. If she a fan, she's certainly not a geek. How did she know this and I did not?

Well, that point is rather moot. I am grateful for being given a small tidbit of knowledge that I will take with me to me grave. May the 4th is now implanted into the useless bits of crap my brain will never forget.

So, in honor of Star Wars Day 5-Days-Late, I am trying to regain some of my geek points back. Therefore, I bring you a couple of illustrations that only a Star Wars fan would appreciate. I did. A bloke named Jeffrey Brown wrote a book called "Darth Vader and Son".

What would life had been like if Darth raised young Luke, as opposed to Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru? It might have looked a little like this...

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