Wednesday, June 20, 2012

WW- Future Me

I haven't gotten to exercise much this week. I am coming off a pretty good weekend of working out (120 miles of riding, 8 miles of running and 2 miles of swimming). I followed that up with a chocolate bar (not all of it, yet) and some even more harsh days at work. Yesterday, the sun went to bed before I got home. Yes, I know that there are awesome people who do this on a regular basis. I am neither awesome nor regular, so that counts me as fat and grumpy.

I am not optimistic about getting out there today either. It looks like I'll just have to depend on my future self to do some extra work. However, as points out, this may not  happen. Present me and future me will actually get into an argument as to who has the rights to not workout.

Wow! I look disgusting in the future. Based on that evidence, I'll probably workout tonight. Thanks future me for that inspiration.

Just for comparison, here's how I used to look, before I started this whole triathlon thing.

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