Wednesday, June 6, 2012

WW- SBR Weddings

June is here and thus starts National Wedding Month. This is refreshing with the divorce rate being consistently high in this day and age.

For some, triathlon can be a source of conflict. I hate reading articles where this sport gets in the way of a healthy relationship. They have actually coined the term, "Tri-vorce" for people who get divorced citing triathlon related causes.

Won't happen to me. The Wife actually relishes the time I spend working out. It keeps me out of the other majority of people with weight problems. Plus, I get clingy when I'm around her. It gives her some space.

Here are some people who I think do it right. They worked sport right into the ceremony.

They have a floating chapel. Swim around the buoy, out to the steeple, and then back into transition.

If you are a life guard, you are allowed to paddle your way out.

If she'll wear the veil and spandex, you've got a keeper.

I wonder what the rental costs.

See, there are examples of people who swim, bike, run-type matches.

If you are not going to be in sport, you probably should have a kick-ass proposal.

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