Tuesday, June 12, 2012

WW- I am the Greatest Triathlete Ever

I'm pretty sure that I'm a genius about the sport of triathlon and am quite possibly the best athlete ever. I'll explain why:

Suppose I no knowing about the sport of triathlon. How would I know that I know nothing about the sport of triathlon? Based on the simple fact that I know I know nothing about the sport is evidence to the fact that I am relatively intelligent about the sport.

From the video, there was some research by some dude out of Cornell, who happens to live down the road from me (figuratively as we are both in NY), and happens to be an Ivy League professor. He basically says that in order to know how good you are at something requires the exact same skills as actually being good at that thing.

Therefore, if you are absolutely no good at something at all, then you lack the exact same skills that you need to be good at it.

So, not only do I know that I suck at triathlon but I also know what specifically I suck at. Like the good professors says, just having the knowledge of the skill is exactly the same as actually being good at the thing.

Since I know I have sucky skills, and I have knowledge of what it means to be non-sucky, this means that I have good skills. I dare say that I know what it takes for me to be great. And just because I know that, I am a great triathlete. Now that I'm a top tier athlete, I guess I can quit my day job and go pro. Wait til I tell the Wife.

Thanks for clearing that up for me, Mr. Cleese!

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