Wednesday, August 22, 2012

WW- Coolness

I like that word, "cool". It's one of those multiple meaning words that most people don't understand. For example, as it relates to temperature, cool simple means that an object has less heat than a comparable. An ice berg is teeming with heat but compared to our body temperature, it feels cool. (Consequently, our bodies have significantly less heat than an ice berg. It's a mass thing.) Your air conditioner doesn't really add cool (this is scientifically impossible) as much as it removes heat. But, the house feels cooler and we have yet another excuse to not go outside.

Another meaning of the word cool is the opposite of lame. John Travolta was cool, at least until he made those talking baby movies. Then he was lame. Then, after Pulp Fiction came around, he was cool again.

I, for one, have never actually been cool. I've always been lame (this blog is evidence for those who need convincing). Therefore, I can spot cool people from a mile away. They are simply nothing like me.

For those of you who don't know me too well, I understand that my description of cool (Anti-Banter) is rather vague. Fret not, I've got visuals. Here is a guy who is cool to the core. If you want to be cool, study him. Mimic him. You will never achieve his coolness but at least you know how cool one can be.

The Bar has been set.

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