Wednesday, August 29, 2012

WW- Slow Motion

This is the last official week of summer, according to the school calendar. While most of America has been in school for several weeks now, New York has a different idea. Let's start after Labor Day. Which is next week. Meaning this is the last week of freedom.

According to regression theory, the longer one is removed from from a skill the lower one's skill set becomes. Triathlon is a skill. I doubt I would ever take 3 full months off of training. Learning is also a skill. Now matches the longest period of a learning free environment that the students and I will experience. Translation: we are borderline idiots. (I may be a complete idiot. The jury's still out on the kids.)

Therefore, things are moving a little bit slower for me. Training is slower. Life is slower. You may not know this, but my typing is a little bit slower. So, just in case you have learning regression, the slow typing may actually be an advantage. Lucky you.

My specific learning regression my help explain my lapse in posts. (Okay, there's a completely different reason for that, which I'll explain in my second post after this one.)

Just in case you are suffering from slow motion in spirit, mind and body, I've got the thing for you. This is what awesomeness looks like in slow motion. This is what life is like for me.

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