Wednesday, August 8, 2012

WW- Great Britan in the Olympics

Like most everyone else in the world, I am glued to the excitement of the Olympics. The US of A is doing quite well in the medal count, rivaled by China. When I'm not rooting for the USA, I look forward to a good performance from the home team. The British, the pleasant hosts of the games, are doing better than expected.

They have already ruled in triathlon (ok, that was expected) and hammered in cycling (ok, that was expected too). Yet, in the overall medal count, that are not the world leader they once were. I think I know why.

See, Great Britain has made some interesting decisions on selecting its athletes. The Brownlees of triathlon and the Wiggins of cycling was a no brainer. However, some of the other competitions were a little more controversial. Here are some of their profiles. It's no wonder they aren't bringing home the hardware.

How much weight?

Poor mobility to his left

He's probably not a fish

Suspended for beta blockers

He stole that medal

Illegal pommel

Really a man with make-up

Saddle sores

Refused to release the baton
Ok Brits, this is how to win. Take a lesson from none other than Lego Michael Phelps. He knows how to get it done.

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