Wednesday, July 18, 2012

WW- Weather Freakout

As with every year, I am starting to freak out about the weather in Lake Placid. As you may or may not know, I suck I have the Ironman coming up this weekend. Since training is pretty much over, I've got this excess energy that I spend towards worrying about stuff that is completely out of my control.

When I first started checking the forecast, the high temperature for Sunday was 74º. This is as close to perfect as you can imagine. I checked the next day. Up to 77º. Then I checked again. 78º.

Yesterday morning, when I checked the forecast, it called for 84º. This is well outside of the realm of perfect. I, perhaps, should stop checking. Every time I look, it gets hotter and hotter. But, I cannot stop. I think that everyone is OCD about something and I have successfully identified mine.

FYI, I just checked again in the middle of writing this post. It went down to 81º. Better but still not great. Maybe if I engage my will hard enough, I bet I can get the prediction back down to 74º.

To complicate the diagnosis, the Banter-in-Law is a certified nutcase meteorologist and provides me with my own personal forecast. He has never been wrong. He vows to continue checking the models as he has access to NOAAs latest and greatest. Even with a pro checking the data, I still have to repeatedly validate the numbers.

Anyway, thank goodness that the race is in Lake Placid. There are some areas that are expecting much worse race conditions. For those of you down south, good luck to you this weekend. I'll just be happy that I'm not living here:

P.S. And I couldn't stop myself from checking again. It is now at 80º (right where the BIL said it would be). Since there is 4 days left until race morning, I'll probably check about 2000 more times just in case.

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