Wednesday, January 30, 2013

One for the Doggies

I honestly don't think I give the PRP enough blog time. He runs just as many miles as I do. Ok, sometimes he runs more if you count ball chasing. Since he doesn't wear the Garmin while fetching, I feel obligated not to count his wind sprints. Translation: Garmin didn't see it- it doesn't count.

Anyway, there's a valid reason why I like the dog so much. No, it has nothing to do with my jealousy over his dexterity and flexibility. It's just that we think many of the same thoughts. For example, any time that I am introduced to a new substance, my initial thought is "Can you eat it?" If the answer is no, my secondary thought is "Fine. Where's the stuff you can eat?"

Based on the PRP's behavior, he pretty much agrees. He likes to take things a little bit further by actually eating it before he decides if it's edible. Well, to each his own.

Moving away from the food genre, both me and the dog like to be petted. It really is a shame that the Wife only has 2 hands. We have 2 dogs and they seem to have a monopoly on her attention. I can't compete with that.

Plus, there really is no bad place to pet a dog. If you can pet it, he likes it. I admit, this is another area in which the dog and I agree.

In case you didn't know, my doggies are also working dogs. Yeah, even the non-running dog goes to work. They are highly qualified to do their jobs. They went to class, passed a test, and have been certified therapy dogs for a couple of years.

Recently, we were asked us to take them back to school. The other day, we hit one of the local college campuses to relieve the stress of those poor kids who have been locked up in their dorms for weeks. Basically, we hung out in the foyer of the athletic building and college kids came by and petted the doggies.

Here's what that looks like:

And, just for the record, I am not a cat lover. The main reason is that I'm highly allergic. In a close second place, I just don't appreciate them as a pet. They don't chase a ball. They don't do many tricks. They don't come when you call. And they don't know how to get pet.

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