Saturday, January 12, 2013

I'm Single Again

Our relationship started near the beginning of the 2000's. It is officially over. Done. Kaput. The end game has been building for quite some time. Lawyers were involved. The grand finale was finally announced via my attorney this past Friday. The bittersweet news has come as a relief.

The Wife and I agreed that it was time to move on. Problems in the relationship were quite apparent several years ago. We did our best to work through them. We tossed energy and money at the problems with various levels of success. But, when the situation is clearly littered with signs of discontent, illness, and unhappiness, no amount of therapy is going to solve the problem.

To be honest, I had no idea how difficult it would be to make the break. We started the proceedings in November, 2011 (yeah, it's been going on that long). Releasing yourself from your burdens is not an easy task. You cannot just walk away. There were times when I wanted to simply give up and just cope with the discomfort of the situation. That's not really in my character, or the Wife's, so we trudged on.

I was surprised as to the snail's pace of the process. There are just so many things that were out of my control. I had to depend on so many people to make sure all of the forms were filled out properly. That deadlines were met. That paperwork was filed in the right offices. Further, all of these things cost money. Precious money that I didn't really have.

In March 2012, we started our separation. The experts say this is the best way to go about things. I can't argue with them as I simply don't know enough about the process. I felt no larger than a trained monkey. They say- I do. That means things have been frustrating/ annoying/ over my head for the past 9 months.

Aside: The sense of abandonment is overwhelming. I have never felt this way before. If I had to describe it, my liberty would be similar to what the soldiers in the movie Braveheart felt. When I got the news, I was at work. I really wanted to moon the world and yell "FREEDOM"! However, I am a teacher and work is filled with minors. Showing my arse to a bunch of underage impressionables would probably cost me my job and my license. I celebrated internally initially and later-on with fermented grapes. I have released my shackles while keeping my job and career. End Aside.

Just to be clear, especially to you ladies, I am not on the market, or in the market, or whatever jargon they are using these days. I am 100% not available. I have no idea if I will ever be.

As expected, I don't expect that my life in the future will be the same as it was in the past. When you release yourself from a major commitment, not matter how big or important, life cannot go on as it once was. Does this mean a change in the blog? I don't know. Does this mean a change in my training? Clueless. Is my life heading in a new direction? Absolutely.

So, all that's needed to be done has been done. All that's needed to be said has been said. All that's needed to be signed has been signed. It is time for a new chapter in my life to inevitably commence.

From this day forward, I shall celebrate my single-ness. I am quite proud to tell you that we finally sold our old house!

We are no longer a two-household family. A nice young couple bought our old house. We have a single home. A single mortgage. A single set of utility bills. I wish the new owners of our old home the best of times. It really was a good house. I hope it serves them well. From my perspective, and from the Wife's, we couldn't be happier that this burden has finally been lifted.

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