Wednesday, January 23, 2013

WW- SBR in the Snow

It's gotten cold. So cold. Like Canadian cold. How do you people up north live with this? I absolutely hate it.

There are a few people who actually enjoy the snow. I prefer to call the morons die-hards. They pretend to do "fun" things in the snow such as skiing and sledding. Basically, fun in the snow revolves around putting wood on your feet or butt and sliding down an incline. Wowee!  Also, apparently, there's sport done with a broom, a stick, and a disc. I'm pretty sure that sport is called "cleaning up the kitchen", although I've never done it before.

See, I'm a triathlete doofus (who seems to have problems with the strikeout function). This mainly means that I prefer summer activities. Running, biking and swimming are my picks. These are not normally things that are done when the temps drop and the white falls.

I suppose that there are a few individuals that prefer to run in the snow. Such as horses and Siberian Huskies.

Biking in the snow is exceptionally challenging in the snow. You need fat tires or chains. You might also need additional layers of clothing. Lots of clothing. Mobility will be compromised. For example:

Even Calvin and Hobbs finds biking in the snow ridiculous.

But, the big kicker is swimming. Most swimming is done in the pool. In the summertime, I get out to do some open water swimming. Other, more courageous people combine snow, swimming in the pool, and open water swimming all in the same workout.

Behold the Snow Swimming Championship!

Some notes on this video. According to the makers, the competitors are not drunk (believe that at your own risk). And, in their current state, their flip turns are better than the average triathlete's.

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